Thursday, March 29, 2018

Crayon County Snow Globes Cross Stitch Charts

 Crayon County 491

At long last I have created and uploaded some pdf charts for the patterns I used for my snow globe ornaments. Each download has 2 pages and includes the charts for both of the above designs. I know that there is no consensus on black and white vs. colour charts so I have provided three options. The charts will all print up larger and clearer than the images below. (The charts have about 9 squares per inch.)

Click on the image below for the black and white charts with symbols only. (270 KB) (This will be the most ink friendly version but in retrospect I wish I had sometimes chosen different symbols. If I were going to use this chart I would colour in all of the T squares so that they stand out more from the | and . symbols.)

Crayon County BW symbols

Click on the image below for the black and white charts with symbols and shading. (280 KB)

Crayon County BW shading

Click on the image below for the colour charts with symbols and shading. (313 KB)

Crayon County Colours symbols

(Note that the images on the pages you land on may look a bit sketchy but if you enlarge the pages all of the chart details will appear.)

I regret that the charts have a heavy line every 5 stitches instead of every 10 stitches. I believe that my (free!) cross stitch charting program used to let me set that but it certainly isn't an option now. (Maybe it is only available on the paid version.) When I print the charts I usually use a ruler and red pen to emphasize the 10 x 10 grid.

Each download mentions that I stitched the designs on 25 count fabric and that I used a single strand of DMC embroidery thread for the cross stitches, except for the windows and doors. For the windows and doors I used a single strand of sewing thread. If you stitch these designs on a lower count fabric and use 2 strands of embroidery floss you could use DMC embroidery thread for all.

The charts also mention that I used sewing thread for the backstitching and that all backstitching, except for the black windows and doors, was done with thread that was like DMC 930. (The thread I used was Gutermann col. 237.) Again if you stitch on a lower count fabric you could use embroidery thread for the backstitching. On the charts there is no backstitching on the orange buildings. I did this intentionally to make them seem more distant, and less like Hallowe'en pumpkins.

Crayon County 279

The instructions to assemble Snow Globe Ornaments can be found at

April 3 2018 Postscript

Today I found a small error on the first page. A backstitch line that is correctly indicated on the main chart is in the wrong place on the backstitching chart. While I suspect that it will be obvious that the line should be between the blue building and the yellow building I have fixed and uploaded new pdf charts. If you have already printed the charts you could edit what you already have. Below shows the correct placement.

backstitch correction
 photo smallpinwheel-11.jpg Pinwheel 2018

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