Monday, November 4, 2013

My hand mixer is my cording tool

When I am making a lot of cording at once my preferred tool is my hand mixer fitted with one beater and a paper clip.


If the threads are less than about 4 feet long I insert a pen at the other end.  I tuck the ends of the pen under my two feet, hold the mixer so that the thread is taut and then turn the mixer on LOW.  When I think that I have adequately twisted the cord I stop the mixer and lower the mixer an inch or so towards the floor.  If the cord starts to double in the middle I know that I'm almost there and I pull up again and turn the mixer on for a wee bit longer.


(For threads about a yard or meter long I find that it takes about 14 seconds to get an adequate twist.)

For more information on making cording see the following tutorials

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And for my tutorial on binding the ends of cording together at the bottom of the ornament and setting the free to become a tassel see
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